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Where are the Children?

This was a blog that i wrote for Team Explore ( I really enjoyed the whole process, and this is what inspired me to start writing. The orignal blog is available on –

Here are a few excerpts from that blog. 

I have often faced instances where people at first interaction think of me as a college student. Some have taken it a step further and thought I am in school. Weird. So yes I definitely don’t look my age. I guess thanks to my genes, thanks mom dad. But I think there is another important factor that makes me and helps me stay young, I get to relive my childhood everyday.

I’m a developmental psychologist, which in simple terms means, I work with very young children who might have certain neuro-developmental disorders, like Autism. And by young children I mean, the average age-range of my clients are 3 to 8 years.

Everyday I play with these children – get my hands and feet dirty, jump on the trampoline, get into a ball pool, run around, paint, dance, sing and most importantly laugh a lotThrough these modalities we achieve our different goals, by ensuring that the child is happy, secure, not threatened and motivated to explore and create.

However, what strikes me on a regular basis is that how kids are so simple, and are just looking for love, encouragement and lots of hugs. And why has that become so difficult? Most kids that come to me look forward to my sessions because they have someone giving them individual attention and having fun. The sad part of having any form disability or difficulty, we get so engrossed in compensating and building skills, that we forget that every child wants to play and have fun. Learning of any kind doesn’t need to be a task. So, the most important part of being a parent, psychologist, therapist, teacher, educator, doctor, or any other professional working with a child in a direct manner, has to be able to let down their hair and get down to the level of the child. Why would any child want to be in your company or be motivated to interact with us, if we are going to be talking, instructing or preaching?

Helping our children reach their best in any field is as crucial as creating happy memories for a secure enriched socio-emotional development. They have their whole life to be adults, let them be children for some time. Let them roll around in the mud, scream and run around, create a mess, laugh, and cry and have fun. Let them be kids for a little while longer.

And sometimes even we need to embrace the child in us – relax, be carefree, laugh at the simple joys of life and have fun.

A fashion enthusiast, trained dancer and qualified developmental psychologist... constantly on a path of discovering herself, her joys and passions and the beautiful complexities of people and relationships.

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