Raining and Pouring… and we are Creating!

So it seems like monsoons are finally here in Delhi. And why not use this as an opportunity to have some creative fun with our young ones. Here are 3 activities that parents, teachers, or other professionals can do with children. After every activity I have also highlighted the skills it helps to build.

Making Art Using Rain

For how to do this… visit http://nurturestore.co.uk/kids-art-painting-rain

Also check out: http://www.housingaforest.com/rain-painting/rainy-day-activities-kids-art-ideas

So this is a fun thing to do with our budding artists. You don’t need to go berserk trying to find material. And you can just go wild with your creativity.

It helps build the following skills:

  1. Organizing and planning – Get them to collect the material, set up. They will have to trial and error on how where to place the paper, how much spacing should there be between the patterns. For our little active children this would be good task sustenance and sitting tolerance activity.
  2. Creativity – Help them up come up with various designs other than dots. They can experiment with colors, mix them and make new shades. Recycle old paper to make these patterns on. Once these are ready they could find ways to use them, like wrapping paper, or laminate them and use them as tablemats.
  3. Fine motor skills – using paints and brushes require fine motor control. For really young ones you can just do hand prints or foot prints.
  4. Sensory Stimulation – Visually its fun to see the colors splash. If you are doing handprints and foot prints then its good for tactile stimulation as well.
  5. Team work – For a little older ones, you could give them larger sheets, and help them to as a team come up with a unique design and create. And then at the end they could all have a show and tell.


How Does it Rain?

This is a fun informative science project for kids. There are various links on how to do this. Am sharing two types – one to understand the evaporation and condensation process, and one on rain clouds.




So this is a good science experiment for our budding scientists. Not only it helps understand the water cycle but also makes it a fun and interactive way to learn.

Other skills that it builds:

  1. Joint attention – young ones have to listen and attend jointly to the person explaining the process. This is an important pre-requisite skill for any kind of learning.
  2. Cognitive sequencing – it helps the build the executive skill required for understanding step wise sequencing involved in any process or ‘cause-effect’ relationship.
  3. Working memory – the child has to retain the information in his/her head and then execute the entire process.
  4. Multi-sensory learning – it taps into all types of learning styles; visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.

Rain Sticks

This is my most favorite activity. Again am attaching a link on how to make a rain stick. It easy and fun and can lead to a musical day.



Warning: be ready for a noisy afternoon or evening ahead 😉

This activity is for our budding artists, builders, and musicians… or just for the mad hatters.

The skills it taps onto are:

  1. Executive skills – sequencing, working memory, attention, task sustenance; it requires it all.
  2. Once you have the rain sticks ready you can put up a musical show for the family. Which would require planning, rehearsing and organizing. To make it more fun everyone could dress up as hippies or rockstars.
  3. Team building – if you do it in a group of kids, it can help build team social skills like sharing material, or taking turns to do things or listening to others ideas and sharing your own.

So yes, go ahead and try these out or maybe share some new ideas of your own.

Happy Rainy Sunday 🙂

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