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Play… Pause… Forward

So it’s the New Year, where we curse the things that happened in the past year and make exaggerated promises of things we are going to do differently in the New Year. However clichéd or redundant it sounds, I love it.

In life you don’t get a rewind button, but for me this is my personal pause button. Every year after Christmas I go into this mental hibernation. Wherein I switch off and start planning of what I want for the New Year. I tell myself okay now I don’t need to think about what has happened, it’s all over and in the new year these issues will cease to exist or matter. And every year I fail miserably, and find myself at the same point, loving or hating the same things, making the same choices, no new discoveries and no self-driven life altering experiences. Yet I refuse to give up the dream of a brand new year, a restart button.

Just like the general consensus all over the world, 2016 was a terrible year. Personally I felt myself drowning, and just when I hit rock bottom, it was Christmas. And just like that I started to resurface; the promise of a new year literally became my life jacket. I felt like I was getting a chance to make things right again for myself. So I sat and thought hard what will this year be about, what am I going to do differently and finally the only resolution I made was to make the new year magic last the whole year.

And this is how I plan to do it – Reflect… Resolve… Reinvent.

Reflect of all things going well and wrong, and truly understand what all was under my control.

Resolve things that were a consistent obstacle in my life that could easily carry into the year or years ahead. For things under my control I made a path of resolution for each of these. This meant my coping mechanisms, my communication skills, conflict resolution, finding a time out, financial stability, social life… it covered it all. And for all the bad things not under my control I am teaching myself to accept and either adapt to it or let it go.

Reinvent myself, my routines, and my choices. Trying to keep the fun creative side of me alive. Something that is not dependent on routines, work, finances, and people.

All of this sounds nice and fancy. How does it practically pan out

  • Every 1st of the month is a chance to start over
  • When something bums me out, speak it out
  • I give myself maximum one day to crib about things, and then it is time to move on
  • Everyday I dress up, wear kajal especially
  • Once a month date night with the hubby
  • One self indulgent activity every month
  • Making time for my friends
  • Writing again
  • Lots of pictures
  • Baking
  • Saying NO to things I don’t want to do
  • Surrounding myself in my room, house, office with beautiful things
  • Decluttering, throwing or giving away things I don’t need
  • Family outing once a month
  • Spending time with my parents and sister
  • Solo time in or out of the house
  • Catching more movies
  • Travel every quarter
  • Health check ups
  • Addressing concerns with the person involved directly, instead of whining to others
  • Complimenting others
  • More thank yous, please, good mornings and good nights.
  • Smiling
  • Lots of kisses and hugs

So here’s wishing you guys a happy new year and a new beginning. And wish me luck to keep the magic of New Year going.

Will keep you all posted on how it goes.

A fashion enthusiast, trained dancer and qualified developmental psychologist... constantly on a path of discovering herself, her joys and passions and the beautiful complexities of people and relationships.

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