I am here, yes

I don’t know your story but I see your pain

And your pain stirs in me a feeling unknown to me


Your story reminds me of many of mine and when the time is right i will share

But not today, now now


I don’t know why or the how or the answer to your problem

Coz it’s not a problem it’s a feeling


So till you get ready

I will wait for you by your side


To seek the light in the darkness

To seek the rainbow after the rain


I am here yes, and I am ready to listen

I am here yes, and I am ready to see you


I am here yes, and I ready to hold your hand

I am here yes, and I am ready to stay with you


There will be no but, just a yes, and…


A fashion enthusiast, trained dancer and qualified developmental psychologist... constantly on a path of discovering herself, her joys and passions and the beautiful complexities of people and relationships.

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