Dear Dad… Thank You

A lot has been said about mothers and the mother-child bond, and sadly the fathers get left far behind. I don’t think anyone is to blame for it. Evolutionarily if you look at it men were the hunters and food gatherers, while women were the child bearers. If you look at animals, that is still true. The females protect and take care of the little ones, while the males hunt.

However over the years the human race has evolved (for better or worse) and the roles of male and women are getting re-defined. Biologically maybe much has not changed, but in all other respects there is a constant shift. So yeah men are breaking out of the mould, going again their inherent instincts to be involved caring fathers. And i think they definitely deserve an applause.

Though the point of this blog of mine is to for a change celebrate all the fathers out there. Whichever end of the spectrum you maybe – stay-at-home father (it’s not a myth) or the I-don’t-know-childcare father; you have a lot to contribute. There are some things that only our fathers can teach us.


They teach us to toughen up. They put on a brave front for the whole family and yet lend us a shoulder to cry when we are in pain. No matter how hard it gets or scary, we rarely see our fathers break down or give up. They keep fighting all odds. They teach us even if things don’t go your way – fight it.

Commitment to work

They teach us to how to be a true professional. They teach us about honesty, integrity, and dedication to work. At times they pay the heavy price of missing out on the fun times with family and friends, but they do so to create a solid steady base for us. So they help us understand the importance of work, priorities and the big picture.

Financial Security

So by the big picture I meant is financial security and hence independence. They help us realize how important to be take care of ourselves without being dependent on anyone. Why it is important to be able to pay your own bills, eat good food, travel etc on your own means, without ever having to ask anyone. Though believe me they will still foot all you bills till the very end.


Men might not be the best when it comes to expressing their love for others in words, but they are very good at showing it. And the biggest sign is ‘I will take care of you.’ There in no man out there who does not take that role seriously. Fathers provide us physical, financial and emotional security by being our personal super-heroes. They go all out to make sure that all our problems are solved, even if that means at times we will be at the receiving end of their wrath. Never mess with a father, because even the most timid of men will go all out to protect their little ones.

Let it Go

They have to be the chillers of the family ecosystem. When we are babies they are the ones who throw us in the air and spin us around without a fear. When we get hurt, they are the ones who will just brush it off and make us laugh. Even when we have tones of things to do they are the ones who teach us calm down and pass out in front of the TV. When you’re looking for an adventure they are the ones we go to. Our fun laid back side definitely comes from them

At the end of they might be scary or funny or busy…. Fathers are fathers. And no matter how strong or stoic they maybe, there never has been a father who doesn’t cry when his daughter gets married or son graduates. They might be rock solid outside but inside they are as soft and mushy as anyone else.

To all the men who accepted the challenge of fatherhood – Happy Fathers Day 🙂

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