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Dear Amooma

Amooma… meaning grand mother… there is nothing more apt to describe you. You have been a GRAND mother to all of us. The one unifying bond that has kept all of us together. We are whatever we are because of all the love, nurture and care you have showered us with.

How many people can boast of having a 90 year old grandmother who is strong, independent, healthy and wise. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind what a resilient woman you are and I am proud to say that it is one quality that I have inherited from you. In all these years of my life I have never seen you give up despite all the challenges life has thrown at you. And you have done so with a smile on your face and courage that has shielded us all.

There isn’t a single memory I have in which you were not a part of. Our yearly visits in the summer to the Pattam house in Kerala. Spending hours in the kitchen and terrace eating jackfruit and mangoes and all the yummy treats you would cook up. The sewing machine on which you would stitch up so many lovely dresses for us and even our dolls. But mostly I remember the elegant lady in white sari and dark long hair standing at the gate waiting for us to arrive.

You coming and staying with us in Delhi was the best thing to happen to our little family. Returning from school to have you waiting for us to feed us lunch. The multiple fights I had with you over papadams, to you being mediator between Soumya and my fights. But the highlight of the day was lying next to you in bed in the afternoon and listening to all of Amma’s childhood stories and our great grandparents. Behind that smiling loving exterior what did the little me know what a journey you have walked. How through all the hardships you managed to hold it together and still be full of love and wisdom and ability to embrace life in all its glory.

Amooma the memories will never end. And with each passing year I hold on more and more tightly to each and every memory of you. I know I am not great in staying touch but I hope you know what an integral part you are of my being. The greatest joy of my life was to introduce you to my daughter. And be thankful that she has had the blessings of the ‘GRAND mother’ of our family. I even now laugh on how I would talk about my future life with you. Me having 3 kids and 5 dogs and you would sit on a rocking chair and watch over them. The kids and dogs are yet to arrive and you are away in Bangalore, but the rocking chair representing you is a part of my house. I will always carry a part of you every where I go.

Darling Amooma the years might have put many wrinkles on your face but your beauty even now shines bright like your lovely silver hair. You have loved and nurtured us without an aah. And sometimes your anger knew no bounds yet you motivated us each and every day and trusted us all through the way. I admire the discipline you follow every day.   The care that you take of yourself just reflects that self is equally important as others. And that is a life lesson that I hope to carry with me always. But most importantly it is that relief that I get whenever you are near. I love you so much Amooma, words cannot describe. Thank you for being you and thank you for being there with us.

You truly are a ‘GRAND mother’ and we all stand witness to that.



A note for my grandmother that I wrote on her 90th birthday.

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