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What About Intent?

In my first few years as a Developmental Psychologist I really grappled with understanding Autism, and what as therapists are we trying to achieve with our children. Have I understood Autism completely, NOT AT ALL! I don’t think anyone gets it completely. However, do I know what we are working towards, YES! Whenever I have […] Read more…


Autism Through My Eyes

I still remember the first week at my job at a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic, and my mentor suggested that I try my hand at working in the Early Intervention Program for young children with Autism. And all that rang through my ears was “AUTISM”! I was petrified, how do I say NO. […] Read more…


Where are the Children?

This was a blog that i wrote for Team Explore ( I really enjoyed the whole process, and this is what inspired me to start writing. The orignal blog is available on – Here are a few excerpts from that blog.  I have often faced instances where people at first interaction think of me […] Read more…