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As I sit in my room sweating thanks to sweltering heat and constant power cuts, I think back to last year and comfort myself, that atleast am not pregnant. So a word of advice to all future mothers out there, if you live in Delhi, conceive in summer so that by the end of your pregnancy its winter. The pregnancy hormones and the Delhi heat make for a super deadly combination, you could literally melt away.

So how do you fashionably beat the heat, even when your pregnant. Bring out the cottons, and all the flowy dresses and skirts. Sharing with all of you from my personal collection (hence pardon the poor quality of pictures), my maternity wardrobe. Who says you cant look pretty, even if you are round and sweaty 🙂

The Maxi Collection


I love the summer friendly color of the dress, the small frill on top. I accessorized it with a multi color beaded necklace.


A simple soft denim cotton dress for my baby shower. The extra zing was the lacy straps and back


A black dress can never go wrong, just spruce it up with up some chunky earrings


A blazing orange dress just like the summer sun, simple in its form. Teamed with bold big blue earrings

The Skirt Collection

IMG_4958 copy

I teamed a wrap around polka dot skirt with a poncho top. And 3 tiered pearls to add some class

IMG_4983 copy

Nothing to beat the blues like a simple white cotton skirt. I added some sparkle to it with a turquoise ganji and big gold hoops.

IMG_5098 copy

The vintage look

IMG_5326 copy

This is a cotton playsuit and i put on white poncho on top, before heading out to the market.

The Jegging Collection


Gave it an indian twist, with a cotton anarkali kurti and some turquoise and gold beads


The neon zebra

The Dress Collection

IMG_4679 copy

A nude dress that can be given a fresh twist with some flower acessories

IMG_5145 copy

An aztec print halter neck dress with some big gold leaf earrings

IMG_5352 copy

My most summer and pregnancy friendly dress


Another one of my favourites. An asymmetrical linen dress, which i gave some form by adding a belt around the waist.


And for the finale…. you can never go wrong with a plain white cotton maxi. So ethereal, that i used it for my maternity shoot as well


Photo courtesy: Fotowalle (http://www.fotowalle.com/)

Happy viewing 🙂

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