About Us

Soumini Menon is a developmental psychologist  settled in Gurgaon, specialising in the field of autism and neuro-developmental disorders.  A self proclaimed fashion addict, she is forever ready to put on her dancing shoes and shake a leg or two. Recently she has started on a journey of discovering the angsts and joys of motherhood.

The inspiration for starting this blog, ‘meandering zoul’ comes from her  various creative inclinations, and in a hope to find new avenues to constantly rediscover herself. In this blog she talks about various themes close to her heart; child development – raising a child with or without a disability, ‘common man’ fashion, love, relationships and her own personal journeys.

Currently she works as a Developmental Psychologist and Parent Coach out of her home in Gurgaon. With the increasing number of professionals and centers committing to the needs of children with developmental needs, she is also trying to create a community of learning and wholesome development of young therapists,  teachers and parents.